Assistant Manager - Talent Acquisition

Assistant Manager - Talent Acquisition
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Role Objective

To manage the talent acquisition function of Malabar Gold & Diamonds at regional level in order to
attract top talent and recruit & select best fit candidates on time.

Primary Responsibilities

Strategic and planning
- Plan, develop, manage, oversee and implement sustainable Talent Acquisition and recruitment processes
& strategy to ensure translation and alignment with departmental strategy including objectives, targets and
- Collaborate with Head – Talent Acquisition and hiring managers to develop and execute life cycle
recruiting plans, use passive and active recruiting techniques and a broad variety of sources with a
focus on developing a ready candidate pipeline to fill critical needs at the region.
- Recommend improvements to Hiring policy and coordinate to improve the recruitment process to
ensure an effective recruiting experience for hiring managers and applicants alike as directed by the
senior management.
- Recommend and prepare Talent Acquisition Department budget of region by preparing analysis and
data related to specific elements in consultation with senior management.
- Monitor the financial performance of the department at region against budgets so that areas of
unsatisfactory performance are identified, communicated and rectified promptly.

Functional Responsibilities
- Perform analysis of hiring needs at region and provide employee hiring forecast to find bottlenecks in the
recruitment process.
- Ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies,
processes and procedures.
- Work with and train recruitment team in region to ensure strong interviewer skills and talent process
- Oversee the screening and identification of external as well as internal applicants to ensure that the
qualifications required for the respective vacancy match well.
- Perform sourcing of top talent for hard-to-fill roles via job board niches, social media, strategic advertising,
and community outreach.
- Manage the implementation of psychometric testing process and the execution of assessment centers
for external candidates to gain an accurate bearing of the candidate's cognitive abilities, personality/behavioral
style and skills.
- Review employment applications and background check reports to hire best fit candidates for the position.
- Supervise daily operations, perform candidate and employee satisfaction evaluations and act for the
development and improvement of the team performance.
- Build and maintain good relationship with external recruitment agencies to ensure that right calibre
professionals are attracted and selected.
- Maintain personal/professional networks to enhance recruiting efforts by establishing a presence in relevant
professional groups and associations.
- Communicate with Corporate talent acquisition team and regional team regularly to obtain a better
understanding on their recruitment needs and leverage from the internal resources and talent to fill vacant
positions, whenever possible.
- Drive digital recruitment strategies by introducing various marketing tools to the team.
- Oversee the graduate/professional/overseas/outsourced acquisition to ensure that the selection of
candidates is done as per the applicable policies and procedures.
- Ensure the development of offer letters to selected candidates while support the negotiation with them,
so as to ensure high level of professionalism in the attraction process of the recruitment
- Review the requests for internal transfers and coordinate with the respective team to ensure that
candidates possess the required qualifications for the target position and decide in consultation with
senior management.
- Manage the on-boarding and induction process of new hires to ensure the required orientation programs
are provided as required and in a timely manner.
- Conduct weekly recruitment meeting with team to track and report progress on open positions.
- Suggest and implement measures for improving employee retention and development at regional level.

Internal process
- Ensure development and deployment of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the department.
- Achieve cost savings through implementation of process improvement initiatives.
- Create review reports to track operational performance and ensure course correction & corrective
action, as appropriate.
- Develop relationship, network with counterparts and other organizations in similar industry to leverage
leading practices & learning to improve departmental processes.

People development
- Take overall responsibility for people development initiatives and building up in-house capabilities for
the employees in the department.
- Drive a performance driven culture in the team by timely monitoring, review of performance parameters
and feedback to the team members.
- Contribute towards development of talent for the department by providing subordinates with adequate
exposure and growth opportunities.
- Actively participate in HR initiatives to drive overall engagement and motivation.

Any other additional responsibility could be assigned to the role incumbent from time to time as a
standalone project or regular work. The same would be suitably represented in the Primary responsibilities
and agreed between the incumbent, reporting manager and HR.

Human Resource
Bangalore Dickenson
5 to 6 Years
25000 to 30000