Senior Merchandiser

Senior Merchandiser
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
• Product Management
• Website Management
• Order Management
• Stock Management
• CAD Designer

1) Product Management: -
A) Creating and maintaining ideal mix.
a. Maintaining the Ecommerce stock and Website product status based on the ideal mix and Brand Sku, accordingly plan the shoot and new purchase.

B) New Product Purchase
a. Based on the Ideal mix Purchase has to be planned after doing the Competitor analysis, market survey and visit trade fairs.

C) New Product development
a. Review the current trend in the market also look for aspirational motifs. Visit factory periodically.

D) Stock Analysis
a. Periodical stock ageing report and plan promotions, physical stock review. Take calls on repairs and melting stock.

E) Vendor Management
a. Vendor visits, discuss vendor sales reports, new selections and manufacturing support for customer orders.

F) Sales Analysis
a. Prepare and study sales reports. Fast moving products, Vendor wise sales, Collection wise sale, Banner wise sales, sales on replenishment products.

G) New Collections
a. Prepare yearly merchandising calendar, Launch new collections as per festivals and promotion periods.
b. Constant followup with Supply chain team

2) Website Management: -
A) Product Shoot and Cataloging
a. Daily product shoot planning and cataloging to maintain the website count. Get Creative shoot done for banners.

B) Image Edit Planning
a. Work closely with image editing team and plan the output as per priorities.

C) Website QC
a. Daily website QC, product counts, website filters, images, banners.

D) Product Shuffling
a. Shuffle products based on the banner promotions, and also highlight the new / best products.
E) Banner Planning
a. Weekly, monthly Banner planning based on Marketing Calendar, New collections, offers and promotions.
F) Competitor Analysis
a. Periodical competitor analysis.
Order: -
A) Daily Order Placing
a. Daily check new orders across all the channels, place manufacturing orders to respective vendor based on the order specifications through Order Management System.

B) Order Follow-ups
a. Daily order follow-ups for the new and running orders. Make sure the products are manufactured and arranged within the defined timeline.

C) Product Mapping (Own Stock / Order)
a. Map the products received after manufacturing against respective orders. Also provide correct design nos. to the products received for stock.

D) Vendor Management
a. Periodically visit the SCM and vendors and give them feedbacks regarding orders.
Stockiest: -
A) Stock Management
a. Aligning stock in appropriate manner. All the products need to be mapped properly hence they are easier to locate. Regularly audit physical stock. Remove damaged products and inform the merchandiser for repairs. All the stock should be accompanied with supported certificates as per brand standards. Any missing certificates need to be informed to the merchandiser and get arranged. Avoid keeping products received on approval for more than 24hrs.

B) Invoicing
a. Daily invoicing and handing over products to logistics before the courier pickup time.

C) Stock Inward and Outward
a. First Inward all the new stock that is received in Ecommerce. Inward all the Sales Return products immediately on receipt. Stock outward should be informed to the respective Supply Chain Management, showroom or person before transferring.

CAD Designer: -
A) New PD
a. Create new CADs as per the specification and parameters by the designer / merchandiser. Follow up for CAMs and Sample product with factory / vendor.

B) CAD Repairs
a. CAD repairs for rendering. Follow-up with CAD suppliers / vendors for receiving CAD in required format only. Follow-up and QC of CADs received from CAD repairing vendor.
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