Planning Manager

Planning Manager
Malabar Developers
Project Initiation
· Developing Project Charter based on the project statement of work, business case and the contract.
· Identification of Stake Holders in the project based Project Charter, procurement documents, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Project Planning
· Develop Project Management Plan and Plan Scope Management.
· Collect Requirements, Define Scope , Create WBS and Plan Schedule Management.
· Define and sequence activities, estimate activity resources and durations and developing the schedule.
· Plan Risk management, Identify risks, perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and plan risk responses.
· Plan cost management, estimating the costs and determining the budget.
· Preparation of project procurement strategy and preparation of various Contract documents in line with FIDIC, General terms and conditions, Special terms and conditions, Contract Schedule etc. along with BOQ, Specifications and Tender drawings.
· Plan Quality management and develop HR & Communication Management plan.
Project Execution
· Direct and Manage Project Execution using the project management plan, organizational process assets, project management information system etc.
· Perform Quality Assurance with the Quality metrics through inspection, quality audits, cost-benefit analysis etc.
· Develop and Manage Project Team through various project staff assignments, interpersonal skills, trainings, conflict management, recognitions and rewards etc.
· Manage Communications.
· Conduct Procurements using the various procurement documents, source selections criteria’s, proposal evaluation techniques, bidder conferences, negotiations etc.
· Manage Stakeholder Engagement using the various communication methods, interpersonal skills and management skills.

Project Monitoring and Controlling
· Monitor and Control Project Work using the project management plan, performance reports etc. and thus producing the project document updates.
· Perform Integrated Change Control for the various change requests using the change control meetings and preparing the status updates.
· Validate and Control Scope using Work Performance Information (WPI), Requirements Traceability Matrix and Variance analysis.
· Control Schedule using WPI, performance reviews, variance analysis, resource leveling, scheduling tools and adjusting leads and lags.
· Control Costs considering the project funding requirements and using tools such as Earned Value Management, Forecasting, Variance Analysis etc.
· Perform Quality Control using Quality metrics, quality checklists, Inspections, flowcharts etc. there by validating the requirements and changes and documenting them.
· Monitoring and Controlling the risks with reference to the Risk register and the work performance information, using the tools such as Risk reassessment, Risk Audits, Reserve Analysis, Status meetings etc. thus creating the risk register updates and change requests.
· Control Communications, Procurements and Stake holder engagement.

Project Closing
· Close Projects using the accepted deliverables thereby resulting a transition, release of a final product or services.
· Close Procurements using the procurement documentation by conducting procurement audits and documenting the records
B Tech (Civil)
7 Year and above
As per industry standards