Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
1. Responsible for achieving sales targets set by the organization through Marketing Team.
2. Supervise all marketing MTMs
3. Motivate and manage the subordinates to close target
4. Managing customer enquiries
5. Supervise and execute localized Marketing Campaigns in co-ordination with Corporate Marketing department
6. Required to be constantly updated with current market situation.
7. Responsible for networking with major industry players and Gather information’s on competitor’s marketing strategy and their activities.
8. Verify reports of the marketing employee and cross check the authenticity by calling through phone
9. Concentrate on BTL activities.
10. Ensure the follow ups on all address collected
11. Invite the customers through phone whom the marketing employee have already met
12. Visit and invite premium customers directly
13. Ensure that marketing persons are available in all areas coming under the shop, if not inform HR department about this matter
14. Monitor the GPS application
15. Build a good relationship with the potential customer and get business for the organization.
16. Ensure proper training for subordinate
17. Generation of various marketing MIS reports
Retail Sales
MBA ( Marketing)
4 to 5 Years
20000 to 25000